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Volvo Whiteblock Camshaft Adjusment and Locking Tool

1 200 kr

Volvo Whiteblock Camshaft Adjusment and Locking Tool

This is a custom Volvo Whiteblock Camshaft Adjustment and Locking tool especially developed for aftermarket camshafts when the OEM zero position is necesserialy not used.

Four piece tool with camshaft adjustment part which is attached to the end of the camshaft and houses a 1/2" socket for easy and preciese adjustment with any 1/2" ratchet tool.

When the desired position has been reached the remaining two pieces are attached, bolts are tightened which locks the adjustment parts into place. This way you can easily find the same camshafts positions again without hustle if you for instance need to change timing belt.

Works with any Volvo 4-cyl, 5-cyl or 6-cyl Whiteblock engine which has the camshaft adjustment in the end of the crank. R, RN and RNC engines.

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