Do you need a good base to start a reverse engineering project or need to extract entities like holes or planes from a 3D scan?

Parts of VXElements that is used together with our 3D Scanner there is a module called VXModel which allows us to do just that.

From a 3D scanned mesh in VXScan we can extract basically everything into SolidWorks 2021 to create a base that can be used in practical any CAD related software that accepts generic file formats.

Here is a few examples of what can be done:

  • Extract engine or gearbox hole patterns
  • Extract geometrical complicated surfaces for an exact replication
  • Extract planes
  • Extract profiles and cross sections
  • Build a CAD-solid

This service is normally the second step after a part has been 3D scanned and can be made to customer requirements.

This service is an hourly based service and we are happy to provide you with a qoute for your needs.


Please use the contact form in the Contact Us section or send us a mail to

Please provide us with as much information as possible, this gives us the possibility to give you a more accurate quote.