3D scanning is now a part of DomiWorks Engineering that we are proud to offer as a complement to all our other product development tools and methods.

Here is a few examples of what 3D scanning can be used for:

  • Part to CAD, create a workable model in CAD from 3D scanned mesh
  • Inspection and quality control, how well does a physical part match the digital model
  • Reverse Engineering, extract entities for new product development
  • CAD packaging, scan a part to be used in a larger assembly
  • Damage control and inspection, check critical measurements if they still are within specifications
  • Archiving of physical objects into 3D digital parts
  • Scan objects for 3D printing

The output format of a 3D-scan is normally .STL, from this format other formats like .STP, .IGES or other CAD compatible format can be created. 

Need a part 3D scanned?

Our 3D scanning equipment is portable which means we can either come to you or you can send the part to us, this mainly depends on the object size and weight thats going to be scanned. There is theoretically not an upper limit of the size of the objects thats going to be scanned, it merely depends on the accuracy required. For example a complete car is not a problem to scan.

All objects and customer requirements are different which means its difficult to give a general price for what scanning for a specific object would be, the same object might have two different prices depending on what the customer requirements are.

Here is a few examples of the time required to scan different objects with a resolution of 0.8mm, this includes preparation with targets, calibrating the scanner and finalizing the mesh:

  • Spindle knuckle, 30-60 min
  • Complete gearbox, 2-4 hours
  • Complete engine, 2-4 hours

Higher resolutions increases the time required.
Here is a few examples of what we scanned: 

GS7D36SGBMW DCT GS7D36SG gearboxRB26DETTNissan RB26DETT with GTR sumpTransfer CaseNissan R32 GTR Transfer Case

Questions or inquiries?

Please use the contact form in the Contact Us section or send us a mail to 3dscan@domi-works.com

Please provide us with as much information as possible and picture of the object thats going to be scanned, this gives us the possibility to give you a more accurate quote.

What scanner do DomiWorks use?

We usa a portable metrology-graded scanner from Creaform which is the HandyScan3D Black Elite. This scanner is highly versatile and portable and delivers accurate, high-resolution and repeatable results. Dynamic referencing which means both the scanner and part can move during the measurement and still provide accurate and high-quality scans.

The scanner is ISO 17025 certified which guarantees scans with accurate and repeatable results.

Techical specification of the Creaform scanners, Black Elite is the right column.

If you want to read more about the scanner itself, please see the following link:
Creaform HandyScan3D Black Elite