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Volvo Redblock to 8HP70 N57 Adapter Kit

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Volvo Redblock to 8HP70 N57 Adapter Kit

Adapter kit to fit a BMW 8HP70 N57 gearbox to a Volvo Redblock engine.

Fits 8HP70 N57 Gearbox.

Adapter plate and converter adapter made out of high grade aluminum and natural and black anodized for a premium feel and experience.

Adapter plate thickness is 23mm.

Adapter features dual-pattern, which means it has both pattern for standard engine tilt and zero engine tilt.

To be used with Volvo flexplate part number 6842012 (with integrated trigger ring) or 1326336 (no trigger ring).

Included is also newly produced Volvo parts to be mounted with the flexplate:
Part number 1336913, guiding bushing
Part number 463088, flange

There is 8 holes in the torque converter adapter, so optional to drill another 4 holes to get a better clamping force.

Adapter kit includes:

- Volvo Redblock to 8HP N57 Adapter plate

- Converter adapter

- Flexplate parts mentioned above

- Mounting hardware such as bolts and dowels

Installation Instructions

 Coming soon

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