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Toyota Supra MKIV (JZA80) / Aristo, Lexus, Soarer, Chaser, Crown - 2UR-GSE AA80E (Lexus XF40) Vehicle Kit

8 995 kr 9 995 kr
Include crossmember:

This is a complete kit to bolt on a 2UR-GSE AA80E (Lexus XF40 V8) transmission to your Toyota Supra MKIV (JZA80) or Aristo/Lexus/Soarer/Chaser/Crown chassi

This kit includes:

- Toyota 1JZ/2JZ to 2UR-GSE AA80E Adapter Kit
- Crossmember to be used with original mount
- Crossmember spacers
- Mounting hardware

To be used with 2JZ GE or GTE flexplate.

1JZ/2JZ to 2UR-GSE AA80E Adapter kit

Adapter kit to fit a Lexus ISF 5.0 2UR-GSE AA80E Transmission to a Toyota 1JZ/2JZ engine.

Adapter plate and converter adapter made out of high grade aluminum and natural and black anodized for a premium feel and experience.

Crossmember is attached to the standard cushion rear cushion of the transmission.

Adapter plate thickness is 17mm.

Adapter kit includes:

- 2UR-GSE AA80E Adapter plate

- Converter adapter with center guide

- Mounting hardware such as bolts and dowels

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