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Toyota Crown and Chaser (JZS171, JZS175, JZX100) - 8HP70 N57

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This is a complete kit to bolt on a 8HP70 N57 transmission to your Toyota Crown (JZS171, JZS175) chassi or Toyota Chaser (JZX100)

This kit includes:

- 1JZ/2JZ 8HP70 N57/B57 Adapter Kit
- 8HP70 N57/N63 Transmission support bracket including new OEM bushings for Toyota Crown
- Aristo/Lexus/Soarer/Crown crossmember
- 8HP Output flange for Lexus Guibo
- 8HP Oil Cooler Adapter for N57/B58 ports
- Mounting hardware such as bolts and dowels

Please click on each separate link to learn more on the individual parts. 

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