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Shifter Plate Toyota Supra MKIV - OEM 8HP/DCT Shifter

650 kr

Shifter Plate Toyota Supra MKIV - OEM 8HP/DCT Shifter

Shifter plate to adapt OEM 8HP/DCT Shifter

Verified compatibility with these part numbers

- DCT (61317848611)
- 8HP LHD (929689601)
- 8HP RHD (61317950395)

Part is 3D printed in PAHT with carbon fiber infused fibers. Main reason is to have increased thermal stability which normal 3D print filaments dont have. Brass inserts for threads.

Comes with EPDM foam to be able to seal the shifter from the tunnel to prevent hot air into the coupe. Includes all bolts to mount to your tunnel.

The middle front tab on the shifter base has to be removed to be able to mount the shifter.

Note! This is for manual transmission tunnel only, the auto tunnel has a different design.

Note! As the shifter is exposed by the elements in the tunnel we strongly recommend to protect the shifter and connector by a protective shield or similar.

Note! Not compatible with pre-facelift 8HP shifters with 8-pin connectors.

Note! Shifter not included, for visualization only!

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