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Nissan Skyline R32-R34 GTR 8HP Full Vehicle Kit

29 995 kr

Nissan Skyline R32-R34 GTR 8HP Full Vehicle Kit

This is the complete kit to fit a 8HP transmission to your Nissan Skyline R32-R34 GTR.

Development has been made inhouse, 3D scanning has been a major part of this project to get everything exactly as we wanted it.

The crossmember is specifically made for the 8HP70 N57 F-series AWD transmission but we can make it for the 8HP75 B57 G-series AWD as well.

This Vehicle kit includes the following parts

- Nissan RB Adapter kit, features our billet flywheel and adapter, this kit is made thinner then the ordinary 8HP Adapter kit to mimimize the total length as much as possible

- Transfer case adapter to mount the Nissan Skyline transfer case to the transmission

- A new billet CNC pump oil gear housing

- New billet transmission crossmember including bushings

- Low profile transmission breather

- Billet output shaft seal replacement

- Mounting hardware such as bolts, nuts, o-rings etc.

Note 1 This kit does not require cutting of the floor or transmission tunnel. It does however require massaging in the front where the bellhousing meets the left part of the firewall. Massaging of the floor where the transfer case sits, due to it sits a bit further back.

Note 2 Make sure to have the output axle ready The transmission rear output axle needs to be modifed, and it needs to be shipped to our location. There is a lead time of about 30 working days from that we receive it to it can be shipped back. This service is included in the price.

Note 3 Requires transfer case from R32-R33 due to a wider oil pump gear sprocket. Can be done for R34 as well but is not stocked.

Note 4 Front propshaft needs to be extended, this is not included in this kit but we can help with that as well.

Note 5 Requires cutting in the transmission to make room for the front propshaft, starter and triming of minor protruding parts on the transmission. All will be available in our guide

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