MCE18 - CAN Bus Extension

1 680 kr

MCE18 stands for "Multifunction Can Bus Extension" with 18 connections - why is this module needed?
Our displays ( MFD28  MFD15  MFD32  MFD32S ) have four analogue inputs. In some applications, however, this may not be enough and you need more inputs.
It makes sense to map this using the flexible Can Bus protocol. For this purpose, the sensors are connected to our MCE18 and sent via CAN bus to the device to be received - e.g. one of our displays.

But even freely programmable control units only have a limited number of inputs. This can be easily expanded with our module and sent directly to the control unit.

- 9 Analog inputs (0-5V)
- 6 digital inputs (on/off)
- 3 digital outputs (on/off LOW SIDE 0.5A) (new in v2!)

For more information, please visit CANChecked homepage


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