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Ferrari F136 / Maserati to Porsche PDK Adapter kit

25 000 kr

Ferrari F136 / Maserati to Porsche PDK Adapter kit

Adapter kit to fit a Porsche PDK Transmission to a Ferrari F136 / Maserati engine.

Adapter made out of high grade aluminum and natural anodized for a premium feel and experience.

Custom developed flywheel features integrated starter ring gear and dual trigger rings.
Flywheel made out of high strength steel SS2541.

Features our newly developed torsional damper which has been adapted with PDK splines. The torsional damper can be configured in three stages:

- Stage 1 - 750 Nm
- Stage 2 - 890 Nm
- Stage 3 - 1042 Nm

Adapter plate thickness is 20mm.

Note! This is a customer specific item and we will redirect you to the customer to get their approval of ordering this kit.

Adapter kit includes:

- PDK to Ferrari F136 / Maserati adapter plate
- New custom Ferrari F136 flywheel and torsional PDK damper
- Mounting hardware


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