DomiWorks Engineering AB

DCT Mechatronics Rewiring Service

3 400 kr

DCT Mechatronics Rewiring Service

Shaky at hand or just nervous with electronics. We can help you out with modifying your mechatronics to suit aftermarket controllers like HTG-Tuning GCU.

In our rewiring service we remove the original TCU, install our own developed PCB and wire it to respective pad. We also prepare the case by drill the upper and lower hole for wiring passthrough.

After installation we perform a quality check where we check for any continuity issues and measure all sensor outputs to see they are plausible.

Remember this is for the service only, PCB cost is not included in this price. This is available as an option. If you buy our wiring kit at the same time the PCB is included.

This requires you to send your mechatronics to us for modification. Any additional shipping or import charges will be on customers expense.

Please contact us for instruction of how to send the mechatronics to us.

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