Chevy LS/LT/SB/BB to S55/S65/S63 DCT Adapter Kit

8 720 kr

Chevy LS to S55/S63/S65 DCT Adapter Kit

Adapter kit to fit a BMW S55, S65 or S63 DCT gearbox to a Chevy LS/LT/SB/BB engine.

We offer two versions of our adapter plate, both holds dual patterns either 1: S55 and S65 or 2: S55 and S63. S55 and S63 uses same length of the coupler hub while the S65 has a shorter length. If you are uncertain which gearbox you have, please contact us and we will help you out.

Adapter made out of high grade aluminum and natural anodized for a premium feel and experience.

Adapter plate thickness is 35mm.

DCT coupler hub is made of high strength steel (SS2541). The DCT coupler hub comes in various versions:

- 6-bolt LS, crank PCD 79.0mm.

- 8-bolt LS, crank PCD 79.0mm.

- 6-bolt BB, crank PCD 3.58" (90.932mm).

- 6-bolt SB, crank PCD 79.0mm.

Adapter kit includes:

- LS to S55/S65 or S55/S63 DCT Adapter plate

- DCT coupler hub to be used with manual flywheel or automatic flexplate

- Mounting hardware such as bolts and dowels

- Spline grease

Installation Instructions

Coming soon

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