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Chevy LS/LT/SB/BB to S55/S65/S63 DCT Adapter Kit with Torsional Damper

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Chevy LS to S55/S63/S65 DCT Adapter Kit

Adapter kit to fit a BMW S55, S65 or S63 DCT gearbox to a Chevy LS/LT/SB/BB engine.

Adapter made out of high grade aluminum and natural anodized for a premium feel and experience.

Includes our newly developed DCT Torsional Damper, that can be configured in three stages. 700Nm, 890Nm or 1042Nm. This has to be choosen when you place the order as we build the damper according to your specification.

The DCT Torsional damper is based on a genuine Sachs Torsional damper that we have modified to be able to use it together with the DCT transmission. The DCT Spline coupler is made out of high strength steel (SS2541). The front and rear side plates are heat treated to give extra strength against wear between the spring seat and spring housing. There is a Torsional damper flywheel that is mounted on top of the ordinary flexplate to be able to mount the damper itself.

The torsional damper comes in three configurations:

Stage 1, 700Nm

Stage 2, 890Nm

Stage 3, 1042Nm

The torsional damper flywheel comes in four configurations.

- 6-bolt LS, crank PCD 79.0mm.

- 8-bolt LS, crank PCD 79.0mm.

- 6-bolt BB, crank PCD 3.58" (90.932mm).

- 6-bolt SB, crank PCD 79.0mm.

Adapter plate thickness is 35mm

Adapter kit includes:

- LS to S55 / S63 or S55 / S65 DCT Adapter plate

- DCT Torsional damper

- Mounting hardware such as bolts and dowels

- Spline grease

Installation Instructions

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