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Chevy LS/LT/SB/BB to 8HP 45/50/70/75/90 N57 B57 B58 N63 N73 N74 Mirrored Starter Adapter Kit

10 995 kr

Chevy LS/LT/SB/BB to 8HP 45/50/70/75/90 N57 B57 B58 N63 N73 N74 Mirrored Adapter Kit

NOTE! This kit features a relocated starter position, using a relocator plate.

This kit is only made by order!

One adapter to rule them all! Our popular LS to 8HP just got a new revision and this time we have fitted 3 8HP Transmission bolt pattern into one adapter. This means you can now bolt a 8HP50 B58, 8HP70 N63 or a 8HP90 N73/N74 to the same adapter.

There will be two different TC Adapter versions depending on what transmission you are going to fit. Please select in the meny which tranmission you are going to use in the dropdown menu.

Adapter kit to fit a BMW 8HP 45/50/70/75/90 B48 N57 B57 B57 N63 N73 N74 gearbox to a Chevy LS/LT/SB/BB engine.

Adapter plate and converter adapter made out of high grade aluminum and natural/black anodized for a premium feel and experience.

Includes three bolt pattern on the backside of the converter adapter to support multiple chevy and converter bolt patterns. The following PCDs are:

- 10.75" (6-bolt)
- 11.08" (6-bolt)
- 11.5" (6-bolt)

Adapter plate thickness is 35mm.

This kit is made to be used with a left hand starter relocation plate. The torque converter adapter is deeper to accomodate for the extra depth of the starter relocation plate.

Laser etched markings.

Note! Recommended to use a non-shrouded starter, otherwise you need to trim the adapter and gearbox bellhousing.

Adapter kit includes:

- LS to 8HP Mirrored starter Adapter plate

- Converter adapter and guiding pin

- Mounting hardware such as bolts and dowels. Please select your version to get the correct bolts.

Installation Instructions

Coming soon

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