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BMW S65 S85 70/75/90/95 N63 N73 N74 Adapter Kit

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BMW S65 S85 70/75/90/95 N63 N73 N74 Adapter Kit

Adapter kit to fit a BMW 8HP 70 / 75 / 90 / 95 N63 or N74 gearbox to a BMW S65 / S85 engine.

Adapter plate and converter adapter made out of high grade aluminum and natural and black anodized for a premium feel and experience.

Full billet flywheel with integrated starter ring gear and trigger, all replicated from the original flywheel so the original DME can be used. This is a new made flywheel, not made from second hand flexplates. Made of SS2541.
Comes with torque converter adapter in aluminum to keep the weight down.

Including sensor bracket for OEM sensor use.

Adapter plate thickness is 15mm.

Adapter kit includes:

- 8HP N63 N74 Adapter plate

- Full billet flywheel with torque converter adapter

- Mounting hardware such as sensor bracket, bolts and dowels


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