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BMW M10/M30/S38 to S65 DCT Adapter Kit


BMW M10/M30/S38 to S65 DCT Adapter Kit

Adapter kit to fit a BMW S65 gearbox to a BMW M10/M30/S38 engine.

Fits S65 DCT Gearbox.

Adapter has dual patterns so mouning of engine can be either normal tilt or zero tilt.

Adapter made out of high grade aluminum and natural anodized for a premium feel and experience.

DCT coupler hub is made of high strength steel (SS2541).

Adapter plate thickness is 17mm.

Adapter kit includes:

- DCT Adapter plate

- DCT coupler hub to be used with manual flywheel

- Mounting hardware such as bolts and dowels

- Spline grease

Installation Instructions

Coming soon

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