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8HP Output Flange - 1350 Yoke

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8HP Output Flange for 1350 Yokes and Supra MK4 propshaft

This product replace the cast original output flange with this billet machined output flange which accomodates the popular 1350 Yoke and Supra MK4 patterns.

Integrated tone ring if you want to have a external speed reference, comes as standard. There will be a speed sensor option together with a newly developed rear mounting and crossmember products in the near future. Want to know more, please send us a message and we will provide more information.

Installation is straight forward, no cutting required of the output shaft center pin.

Made out of SS2541.

Comes with new bolts and new center nut. Pilot included to perfectly center the Supra MK4 propshaft to this flange.

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