TurboLamik - Basic Wiring Harness

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TurboLamik - Basic Wiring Harness

This is a basic and more universal option to get most cars up and running with Turbo Lamik TCU 2.0 and their 8HP swap. Please note the lengths of each branch of the harness and check they will suit your application. This harness is not fully terminated, its required for the customer to add all the necessary features that is required in your build.

We hope these dimensions will suit most vehicles with minimal modifications. We have made the assumption its much easier to shorten the harness branch than extend them.

Branch Function Wire Length
TCU to Transmission 2000mm
TCU to Shift Selector 1500mm
Shift Selector Type BMW 10 Pin
TCU to Display 1500mm
TCU to Program Switch/Virtual Clutch In 1500mm
TCU to Ground 700mm
TCU to Power Supply 700mm
TCU to Ignition 700mm
TCU to Engine CAN 1200mm
TCU to Foot Brake Signal 1500mm 
TCU to Shift Paddles (ground signal) 1500mm

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