HTG-Tuning GCU

12 995 kr

HTG-Tuning GCU (Gearbox Control Unit)

GCU is a fully standalone solution and with that being said it takes the whole control over transmission operation.
It uses all onboard sensors and drives up to 12 valves and auxiliaries to maintain best driveability while pushing performance and motorsport temper to a maximum level.

There are both sequential (manual) and auto modes available that can be selected at any time. Be sporty and aggressive on track, but still be comfy and tamed while driving home 

Pick your tranny of choice:

- BMW Getrag DCT 7-Speed

- ZF 8HP

- Porsche PDK

- Volkswagen DSG

- Airshift sequential

Please visit HTG-Tuning website and their Wiki for even more information

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