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DCT Wiring Kit


DomiWorks Engineering DCT Wiring Kit

The DomiWorks Engineering DCT Wiring Kit is a wiring kit especially developed for the BMW Getrag DCT Gearbox and HTG-Tuning GCU.

With over 200 DCT Wiring Kits sold and delivered we would like to claim this is one of the most proven solution on the market.

This kit is hand built inhouse at DomiWorks Engineering, its made out of high end genuine motorsport graded goods and concentric twisted for a premium thin and light experience. Made with the correct DMC crimpers and tools.

A selection of components in our harnesses is :

- Spec55 Wires
- DR-25 heat shrink tube
- Deutsch Autosport connectors

The kit includes the following parts:

- External harness, between the GCU and gearbox connector

- Internal harness, between external gearbox connector and internal mechatronics
    - Features our own developed gearbox connector adapter

- DomiWorks Engineering PCB modification board and required wires 

- Bolt for gearbox connector adapter

If this product is not in stock expect a lead time of 1-2 weeks at normal working loads. The DCT Wiring kit is a made by order product.

Installation Instructions

Installation Guidelines Wiring Kit

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